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Orlando Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

Ready to take your business to the next level? Partner with the top Orlando digital marketing agency to improve your brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, and close more customers.

Website Design & Development

We craft powerful websites tailored for your industry, ensuring your brand stands out. Your site will not only look great, but it's also designed to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services ensure your website ranks higher, making it easier for potential customers searching for your services to find you.

Lead Generation & Advertising

Our lead generation and PPC strategies are designed to drive high-quality traffic to your site. Targeting the right audience, ensuring you get the most out of every click and lead.

Build A Websites That Drive Leads​

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, right? But sometimes, the website just doesn’t do justice to all that hard work. It’s tough to juggle everything, especially if web stuff isn’t your forte. And let’s face it, finding someone you can trust with your online presence? That’s a challenge.

So, here’s where Leap comes in. We’re like that tech-savvy friend who knows all the ins and outs of online marketing. From creating attention-grabbing ads and sending out those perfect emails to designing websites that look and work great — we’ve got you. Let’s chat about how we can give your online game the boost it deserves!

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Projects That Makes Us Proud

Here’s a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on. Each one reflects the genuine effort, collaboration, and creativity that went into its completion.

Typical Website Design & Development Process

Orlando Web Design Process

We’ll start by getting clarity & making a plan.

After completing the client application form on our website, you’ll receive a detailed proposal outlining everything you need to know. We believe in transparency, so we provide as much information as possible about our process. This ensures you have a clear understanding and confidence in our services before making a decision. While you have the option to schedule a discovery call with us, it’s not a requirement. We understand that some clients prefer email communication, and we respect that. Not everyone is comfortable with phone calls, and that’s perfectly okay.

If you decide to proceed with the project, simply approve the proposal. This will direct you to the contract and the initial invoice. A 25% deposit of the total project cost is required to secure your slot in our calendar. The start date will depend on our availability (we’re usually booked 2-3 months ahead) and when you can provide the necessary content. This gap allows you sufficient time to gather website content, arrange for photos, finalize your branding, and so on.

Then we’ll work on your website content.

Once you’ve completed the attached documentation and settled the initial invoice, you’ll gain access to a personalized client portal. Here, you’ll find a brief design questionnaire tailored to help us understand you and your business more intimately. Together, we’ll delve into your aspirations for the website’s aesthetics and layout. Additionally, we’ll touch upon crucial aspects like your target audience, competitors, and the range of services or products you offer.

Upon submitting your questionnaire, expect an invitation to a Google Drive folder from our end. This space is designated for you to upload all your content—written copy, images, branding materials, and any other relevant assets. It’s an efficient method to ensure both of us remain synchronized and organized throughout the project’s duration. Please note that we don’t provide copywriting or photography services; all content must be furnished by you. However, if you’re collaborating with our affiliated brand designer, she’ll directly share the necessary assets with us once they’re ready!

Design process begins

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary materials, we’ll kick off the website design on our mutually agreed date. Depending on the intricacy of our website and the package we’ve opted for, the design process can span anywhere from 2-10 weeks. We’re selective about the number of projects we undertake each month, ensuring that our website gets the undivided attention it truly deserves.

In the background, we create a mockup to conceptualize the potential layout of our website. Typically, we don’t share these mockups since they’re preliminary drafts and can appear quite unpolished. In most cases, these initial mockups differ substantially from the final design. Our creativity truly comes alive in the builder, where we can play around with live elements to see what fits best. The only time we consider sharing mockups is for websites that demand coding. Given the detailed nature of coding, it’s practical to get feedback on the mockup to circumvent time-intensive changes later.

With all the content at our disposal, our involvement becomes minimal until the revision phase. We’ll design each page with precision, refining every detail until we’re confident it aligns with our vision. All we need to do is wait for the update. We’re dedicated to crafting a design that mirrors our collective aspirations.

Preview and revision process

This step is one we often receive praise for! You’ll get a preview link to the new website, allowing you to experience it live. Additionally, you’ll receive a screen share video from us, walking you through the design we’ve crafted. Recording these videos is something we genuinely enjoy, and it consistently stands out as a favorite aspect for our clients.

Your feedback is paramount to us! After all, it’s your website. We welcome any modifications or suggestions. Our design approach is collaborative, which is why “with” is integral to our business name. Typically, clients request 1-3 rounds of revisions before they’re entirely satisfied with the design. After viewing the update video and exploring the live website, you can share any feedback or changes you envision. We’ll continue refining until the design aligns perfectly with your expectations.


Launch week is a blend of excitement and technical intricacies, and it’s always a relief once it’s successfully behind us. We’ll handle all the launch specifics, address any remaining details, and guide you on how to navigate your website. If needed, we’ll also provide you with instructional videos. Additionally, you’ll benefit from 30 days of tech support and receive a comprehensive website owner’s manual, ensuring all website-related information is centralized and accessible.

Following the launch, we’ll discuss any secondary requirements and determine the way forward. You can choose to manage the website independently or continue collaborating with us for monthly WordPress maintenance. Whatever your decision, we’re here to support and assist.


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Ever feel like you’re leaving sales on the table? That’s where Leap jumps in. As your Orlando web design and digital marketing maestros, we’ve got the answers to those tricky online riddles.

Experience: We’ve been in the game for years, mastering the blend of SEO, paid advertising, and, of course, web design that pops. Trust us, our results do all the bragging.

Tailored Solutions: Every business is unique. That’s why we roll up our sleeves and craft strategies fitting just for you. From B2B to B2C, we’ve got the toolkit and team to light up your online presence.

Transparent & Collaborative: We’re not just about business; we’re about partnership. We believe in clear communication, superior project management, and focusing on real results.

Getting cold feet about your current SEO tactics? Wondering why Google isn’t showing you love lately? Need a squad to make all the online puzzle pieces fit? Look no further. With a knack for everything “Orlando web design” and more, we’ve got the tools and the team to turn your digital dreams into reality.

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